Healing and Self Work through Kink

Therapist: And what do we do when we feel this way?

Me: Shibari and floggers?

Therapist: Yes.

Whether you have a partner, lots of partners, play on your own, or just like to read about kink, you’ve probably heard of it being used in a myriad of ways, by diverse people, and for a variety of reasons. I’m not interested in writing a beginners guide to BDSM, there’s tons of that out there already.

My writing is targeting people who understand the basics of kink, who don’t need to constantly be told “safe, sober, and consensual” because it’s already on autoplay in their heads. This growing collection of stories is intended as a exploration of how kink can be navigated in a healthy way that promotes healing and growth. It’s accessible to beginners, but it’s not going to contain tedious review for those in the know.

That doesn’t mean I won’t explore complex and sometimes problematic characters, themes, and relationships. Anyone who ventures out on the scene is bound to encounter people or situations that are toxic, harmful, or just don’t work out for more innocent reasons. I don’t focus on this, but it pops in from time to time.

What to expect

  • Steamy stories featuring a lot of dominance and submission.
  • While not all my stories contain the same kinks most contain elements of bondage and impact play. Working a little more with pet play (humanoid only) and age gap/play as well.
  • Exploration of subspace, subdrop, and topdrop.
  • Content warnings for anything containing sex – for my fellow Ace readers ❤
  • Exploration all sorts of emotional connections – not just romance. Shout out to my Aro buddies!
  • Discussion of trauma and mental health. I didn’t set out to do this originally, but it happened.
  • Transgender men and women and non-binary characters right along side cis women. I’m calling it lesfic anyway. There’s no cis men so it’s queer af.
  • Contemporary, Western, Sci Fi, Fantasy (Contemp and Classic) genres.
  • Some stories get deep, some get dark, some are fluffy and fun. It’s all just whatever my muses murmur in my ear when my fingers get all tingly for the keyboard.
  • Oh yeah, it’s basically all PoC. I’m bored with yt characters as a reader, (and as a human of color irl) there’s no way I’m going to expend all the braining it takes to make words go on behalf of fictional white people. I ain’t sorry.
  • Ongoing edits. Grammar, spelling, clarity, showing vs telling, consistency. I might not wait to post a new chapter or story until it’s perfectly edited. Bear with me.

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